At Prodigy, we create custom-fit and generic-sizing solo dresses, waistcoats/jackets and pants.

We understand the ‘journey’ dancers and teachers embark on when designing their costumes. Our signature service and prompt communication will ensure your experience is a special one. You’ll deal with one team member for the entire process, ensuring all the finest of details are considered.

We can tailor costumes to ‘suit your budget’ and your design ideas or alternatively you can leave the designing and creating entirely up to us.

 As each costume is made with different fabrics, levels of embroidery/intricacy and varying numbers of crystals, pricing can vary greatly for each customer order. As a basic guide, our custom solo dresses range between $2000-2500 AUD. Waistcoats range between $150 and $650. Crystals are not included in this price guide.

Each costume takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete from the time the Concept Design agreement and measurements are received.

Contact us via email or phone to secure your order.


PH: 0422110524